Acrylic Fabrication & Laserwork

We have the unique skills to combine accurate laser cutting with more traditional techniques to produce stunning results at extremely reasonable prices. We can work in a variety of materials combined with LED lighting to create the ideal solution.

Frosted Acrylic Fabrication Frosted Acrylic Fabrication
  • Combining traditional skills and accurate laser cutting we can produce complicated fabrications at economic cost.
  • This fabrication features mitred and glued acrylic shards which were LED illuminated from within the base.

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Perspex Fabrication Perspex Fabrication


  • Accurate glued fabrications.
  • Potentially using radiant edge material.


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Laser Etching Laser Etching


  • This screen features laser etching which when combined with LED lighting within the base produces glowing bottle silhouettes and branding


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