Bespoke GRP Product Manufacture

Fibresports artwork, props and large scale sculptural models 150mm to 150 metres, we like a challenge!


With our 40 years of experience we are accustomed to thinking laterally to bring your project, model or sculpture in on budget and on time. Over the phone we will often be able to define the options and ballpark costs for your evaluation. We have produced models and sculptures for many well known brand names and sculptors. 


Please visit our various galleries to open your mind to the possibilities.

Japanese White Pebble Sphere Japanese Pebble Sphere



Spheres & Hemispheres


Our spheres have been used for many TV & Theatre productions as props, advertising displays (both indoor and outdoor), interior & exterior décor, exhibition back drops.

Dole Promotion Stand Dole Promotion Stand


Presentation & Promotion

There are some attention grabbing sculptures, props and models to be seen in this part of the gallery. High impact promotional models will work for your product or cause. 

Absolut Speakers Bottle Absolut Speakers Bottle

Larger Than Life


Clients seek larger than life models for billboards, exhibitions and displays to create greater impact for their promotions and celebrations. Nothing creates the 'wow factor' and thereby gain attention better than large scale sculptural models and props.

McVities Biscuits McVities Biscuits


Product Models


We produce sculpture and models in glassfibre and polystyrene for a wide range of commercial clients, many of whom seek a faithfully made large scale replica of their product. 

Harry Potter Studios Logo Harry Potter Studios Logo

Giant Logos


Make your logo large and then no one can miss it! This is a ploy used by the biggest brand names such as Coca Cola, Heineken & Sky. We have been involved with many of these large companies in producing large versions of their trademark logos.

Life Size Action man Life Size Action man





Famous and infamous cartoon characters & superheroes, many of which for contractual reasons cannot be shown on the site, have been made for some of the most famous of all studios and department stores.

Jungle Jims Blackpool Tower Jungle Jims Blackpool Tower




Create an atmosphere by embellishing buildings and stores. Develop an environment that creates a mood that adds colour to all of our lives.

Proud by Steve Foster Proud by Steve Foster



The gallery shows sculptural commissions and speculative works in various mediums ranging from natural stone and stone veneer to wood and polystyrene. Steve Foster sculpts much of the work here for private and commercial clients. The pieces range from less than 300mm up to over 10 metres in a variety of styles.

8m Screen Assembly 8m Screen Assembly



3D Projection Screens


We manufacture screens for simulators and projected artworks up to 8m in diameter. These are produced in sections for on site erection.


We're always happy to provide any additional information about our services. Contact us on 01268 282723 or use our contact form.