Spheres & Hemispheres

Our spheres have been used as props for many TV & Theatre productions, advertising displays (both indoor and outdoor), interior & exterior décor, exhibition back drops and more as the following pictures demonstrate.


Sizes range from 50mm to 8m diameter from our tooling and larger sizes can be made to special order. We can manufacture to finished colour including metallic or left ready for paint application. We can install either, internal or external flanges and access panels as required.


Visit our specialist site spheresandhemispheres.co.uk for more information.

The universal shape, a sphere, that is tactile to the hand and eye, can be developed to appear in a wide range of guises - here are a few more.

We have a wide selection of hemisphere & sphere segment moulds both male and female from which we can manufacture units to many standards, using general purpose polyester resins, various classes of fire retardant laminates, isopthalic laminates (heat resistant, semi translucent lay-ups) and a range of clear plastic hemispheres.


All our hemisphere and segment moulds are accurate so that upon assembly they become a uniform sphere. We are also able to offer the option of moulding areas from our moulds, so producing large diameter dished panels. Any reinforcements to your specific requirements can be installed during manufacture of the moulded unit.


We're always happy to discuss our extensive range of products.

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